Contact Lenses


Contact Lenses

We provide all ranges of contact lenses. With advances in design and materials, contact lens wearers now have more choice than ever before, with availability of prescription ranges and materials improving all the time. This achieves a greater success rate for most patients, young and old. We have the freedom to access and fit an array of contact lenses to suit an increasing number of patients needs.

Daily disposable lenses

We’ve got different materials available nowadays to help cope with dry eye.


Frequent replacement lenses

These are lenses worn on a more regular basis and cleaned after each use. These are generally changed for a new set every month and these tend to work out a cost-effective option than daily disposable.


Extended wear lenses

These lenses use the very latest technology and can be worn overnight for up to a month at a time.


Contact lens tutorial

I’ll teach you properly how to get lenses in and out. If I can’t teach you nobody can. Normally allow an hour for a teach. Been somewhere else and never mastered it