Digital Dispensing


Longridge Digital Dispensing.

We have recently invested in the very latest in technology in the form of our digital dispensing equipment from Seiko. We can measure to a 10th of a millimetre. This is what we need to capture the extra measurements required when dispensing customised varifocals. 

For these lenses we have to take into account how the frame fits, looking at factors such as, how close? What angle? How much do you move your head? What distance? All important factors when fitting varifocals. We also take into consideration factors such as your hobbies, activities and working commitments. Only then can we order your tailor-made glasses. 

Struggling To See Yourself In Glasses?


Seiko Multi Shots Digital Dispensing

Using the latest technology, we can take photos of you in a selection of frames, for you to look at with your current glasses on. We can even email the photos to your loved ones for a second opinion.