Drive Safe Lenses

Drive Safe Lenses

Zeiss has been the first to realize that current anti-reflective coatings have been based on old technology, yes they’ve made coatings tougher and easier to clean but driving at night is far more taxing than it’s ever been with oncoming headlights that are now brighter than ever.

New used in the lamps makes it brighter and whiter. Zeiss drive safe coatings are designed with this wavelength of light in mind.

And there’s more, think back to when you’re struggling to see something, you squint. Not because you want to, but because if you make your pupil smaller you can see better. Now back to lens design, when designing a lens the manufacturer needs to know how big the pupil of your eye is (this is the black dot in the middle). Most designers will make a lens based on a small pupil size given the daylight conditions, this will show up the least amount of distortion from the lens.

But as Zeiss are creating a lens with night driving in mind they know your pupil will be larger at night, so therefore when they input this data into the design process it would flag up far more errors. These errors are then eliminated using the latest technology ensuring the absolute best lens for even the most taxing driving conditions.

Glare from oncoming traffic & streetlights can be a real hazard for drivers, especially at night. Watch how the new ZEISS DriveSafe Coating helps prevent perceived glare.

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