About Us

Welcome to Longridge Eyewear.

We Care About Vision.

I’m Mark, the owner. I’ve been and optician for quite a few years now, I worked for one of the big high street chains, ‘the ones with the advantage card‘ I became unhappy and frustrated, I wanted the customer to come first not the company. So, here I am with my own place. Just over 30 years ago I traded in my paper round for a ‘job for life‘, as my Dad said

We are an Independent Optician in Longridge

Longridge Eyewear is an Independent Optician. With a combined 85 years of experience, we provide patients with an in-depth and thorough consultation. Supplying the best healthcare and most suitable eyewear for all your visual needs.
We listen to you, we examine your eyes, we explain what we’re doing and how we can help. We give you honest opinions and advice to help you look and see great.

As an Independent Optician we are able to source the latest styles the minute we see them.

As an experienced Optician, it has become even more noticeable that there is a lack of petite size frames available. With this in mind we now stock an entire collection of petite sizes. Did you know we can customise all rimless glasses/spectacles to your size and desired shape? We can also reglaze your existing frame.